Renting Near W.D.W.
Why we moved to Florida and choose to rent a house near Disney World

Vacation Rental Homes Near Disney were Easy to Find

Vacation rental homes near Disney were easy to find, but that's not what we wanted. Most people think of Disney vacation homes when looking for a rental home in Florida. And, as we found out, many Florida home owners turn their rentals into vacation homes.

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When we first began looking for a place to live, we found many homes for rent in the Orlando area. Unfortunately for us, these homes were fully furnished and were only available daily, weekly, or monthly. We wanted a home we could furnish on our own and to rent every day of the year.

We switched from looking at rental homes and started looking at homes for sale. We enjoyed taking tours of all the homes, villas, and condos and their beautiful pools and spas. We looked in Orlando, Kissimmee, and points west of Walt Disney World. There were so many opportunities, including Disney’s own Celebration community that we simply could not make up our minds.

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It was with great luck that we stumbled across a brand new home development within minutes of Walt Disney World that we really liked. Most of the community was still under development, but finding an available home for sale was difficult – there was actually a waiting list! A few months later we checked back and found one of these new homes was put up for rent – unfurnished for a long-term rental. We could hardly wait to sign the rental lease and move to Florida!

Our dream finally came true in the summer of 2003 - about fifteen years following our first vacation to the happiest place on earth. We now rent a brand new 3-bedroom home with a screened-in lanai overlooking an orange grove. Is there anything more “Florida” than that?


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