Renting Near W.D.W.
Why we moved to Florida and choose to rent a house near Disney World

Convertible Car Rentals Orlando

Living every day like a Disney World vacation is a dream come true. However, we were missing the rental car experience. You see, whenever we needed to rent a car in Orlando, we selected a convertible as our rental car of choice. After all, the sunny Florida weather provides the perfect opportunity to drive top-down. The closest we came to renting a convertible was taking a spin on the cars at Magic Kingdom's grand prix track.

Disney Race Car Photo  


It was decided: if we live in Florida, we had to have a convertible. It is true that we rent our home, but we do not rent (or lease) our car. Although if you saw us drive by, you would probably guess that we were driving a rental. After taking some time to compare convertible cars, would you believe that we purchased the epitome of the Orlando rental car - the Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Frankly, we are a little shocked ourselves, but we love the car. One thing bothered us... we looked like tourists driving a rental car. Now, don't get us wrong - there isn't anything wrong with looking like a tourist in Orlando, but we really like being Disney local residents and feeling like we belong. We did the only thing we could think of - we personalized our car tags.

Cinderella Pumpkin Coach  

Orlando Car Rental Tips

Okay... so you want to rent a car while you're on vacation in Orlando. Renting a convertible can be lots of fun, however, there are a few important tips to remember to stay safe and to avoid disappointment. Pack Light: If you're a family of four, you may want to re-think the idea of a convertible unless you plan on packing extremely light. Convertibles lack adequate trunk space and the back seats are smaller than a typical car. Lock Valuables: Even though Orlando is a fun place to be, make sure your camera and other valuables are locked out of sight. Always Park Top Up: in addition to safety reasons, it can rain very unexpectedly - especially in summer. Put the top up and stay dry!

Orlando is Green!

Orlando is one of the first U.S. cities where the new Nissan Leaf electric car will be available for sale. Unlike hybrid cars, the new Leaf is one of only a few all-electric vehicles, using only battery power to drive up to 100 miles between charges. Learn more about the Nissan Leaf and other green cars including hybrid cars and diesel cars at


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