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Why we moved to Florida and choose to rent a house near Disney World

Luxury Vacation Home Rentals - Walt Disney World Florida

Walt Disney World recently announced two new luxury resort projects as part of the company's Central Florida expansion plan. Plans for these luxury vacation home rentals include:

  • Luxury Resort
    A 900-acre luxury resort anchored by the prestigious Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • Entertainment and Lodging
    A 450-acre retail, dining and lodging district on the western edge of the Disney Resort
Disney Luxury Resort Photo  


The Four Seasons luxury project will be developed on approximately 900 acres along the northeast border of the property. Groundbreaking is anticipated in late 2007 and the project is scheduled to be built in phases over the next eight to ten years. The luxury homes will offer an alternative in vacation accommodations and will place visitors close to Disney World. Single family vacation homes and multi-family options will be available along with an 18-hole championship golf course.

The retail focus of the planned project will be developed on approximately 450 acres at the western edge of the resort. Plans include 300,000 - 500,000 square feet of commercial space for restaurants, shopping and small-scale entertainment. Personally, we would enjoy a new movie theater in this area.

Disney Cinderella Champagne Photo  


Disney's entertainment and lodging project combines lodging, retail and dining options in what is being reported as a pedestrian-friendly environment. Interestingly, much of the project will be non-Disney. We love the idea of everyday retail services being offered in a Disney environment. The blending of a familiar brand with the magic of Disney is almost always a winning combination in our opinion.

In addition to the luxury accommodations, value-priced lodging will also be available and is said to be designed around a retail village. As residents of Central Florida near Disney World, we are looking forward to convenient shopping and services to be offered. This is an exciting addition to an already really fun place to rent a home.


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