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Disney Costumes

Disney character dining is a wonderful opportunity to dress up as a Disney princess or other character favorite. Many children attending the character meals dress up similar to the characters they are meeting. If you have reservations to dine at one of these meals, you will see many little ones dressed in a Cinderella costume or a Tinker Bell costume. Of course, costumes are also popular during Mickey's Not So Scay Halloween Party.

You may find prices for Disney costumes in the parks to be a bit expensive. As one example, a little girl's Snow White costume at Magic Kingdom in Orlando was priced at $65. Sure you would be nice if there was a service to rent Disney costumes...

Below are just a few of the Disney costumes you'll see at Dinsey character meals. Find more Disney costumes, games and DVD movies at Buy The Mouse. They're often more affordable than theme park prices and you can even have them shipped directly to your Disney hotel room as a surprise!

Disney Costume : Princess : Princess Friends


Disney Costume : Princess : Cinderella


Disney Costume : Princess : Sleeping Beauty


Disney Costume : Princess : Snow White


Disney Costume : Princess : Tinker Bell


Disney Costume : Princess : Wands


Disney Costume : Princess : Shoes and Capes


Disney Costume : Characters : Mickey and Minnie Mouse


Disney Costume : Characters : Peter Pan and Friends


Disney Costume : Characters : Pooh and Friends


Disney Costume : Characters : Toy Story



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