Renting Near W.D.W.
Why we moved to Florida and choose to rent a house near Disney World

Vacation Convinces us to choose Rental Home Near Disney World

Our many Disney vacations convinced us to get a rental home near Disney World. We're not talking vacation home - we wanted a new place to call home permanently. We loved our Walt Disney World vacations in Orlando, Florida. Every time we stepped into the Orlando theme parks we couldn't resist dreaming about living in a home near the parks.

Imagine being so close to the magic that in the middle of the afternoon you could go from daydreaming about a mini vacation to riding down Splash Mountain. It happened to us and we're thrilled with our decision.

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Living near Disney is like being on vacation every day! We rent a home near Disney World and in less than 30 minutes door to door, we can be in the theme park of our choice. There were so many villas, condos and homes we could have bought, but we couldn't make up our mind. Renting a home close to Disney World has given us the opportunity to learn all about the Orlando area, and even realize we prefer renting.

We enjoy visiting with our friends and family during their trips to Florida - and they enjoy our Disney vacation tips. We visit the theme parks almost weekly. We share tips for avoiding the crowds, our favorite spots to eat, and why on our vacations we prefer staying on property at a Disney resort hotel instead of booking a room outside of the park.

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So many people ask us about living near Disney that we decided it would be fun to share our story and our Disney vacation tips with everyone, including tips for "those other Orlando theme parks" near Disney.


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